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Cosmetic Dermatologist in Pasadena, CA

Do you feel confident in your skin? Over time, your skin will age in a variety of ways that may not be exactly what you had planned. With the help of our cosmetic dermatologist in Pasadena, CA, you can enjoy the safe restoration and preservation of your skin. Our staff of certified professionals at Comprehensive Dermatology Center of Pasadena has developed a significant amount of expertise and resources during more than 15 years of quality experience in the field of skin care. From cellulite reduction to wrinkle removal, we proudly deliver a range of service options for each of our clients. Schedule an appointment with us today to start on your treatment.

When you're looking for a cosmetic dermatologist you can rely upon for the enhanced quality of your skin's health and appearance, turn to us for safe treatment options that are designed to improve the overall condition of your skin. We provide a special 10 percent discount on cosmetic services for all of our new patients, and our professionals offer a complete range of treatments for patients who are experiencing a range of issues, including cellulite, wrinkles, scars, spider veins, and warts. We provide a special 10 percent discount on cosmetic services for all of our new patients, and our professionals offer a complete range of treatments for our patients who are in need of treatment for the following:

Get Rid of Fatty Deposits with Our Proven Cellulite Reduction

In our society, there is a greater focus on looks than there ever has been before. While the development of cellulite is a completely natural process that poses no health risks to your body, it may still cause you to feel self-conscious about the growth of fat deposits on the area near your buttocks and thighs. Studies have shown that even slender individuals and professional athletes have developed cellulite dimples on their skin, which disproves the misconception that cellulite is a condition that only affects larger people.

While many people may try to accomplish cellulite reduction with extra time in the gym, the truth is that this cosmetic issue is not easy to treat. There is no need to feel shame about your body's appearance, but we understand that cellulite has the potential to be a source of frustration or concern for individuals of all ages. At our practice, our staff is committed to helping you feel comfortable in your skin, and we proudly offer cellulite reduction treatments to each of our patients. This treatment is designed to give you the confidence you need to face the world.

Remove Unsightly Cosmetic Issues with Our Treatments

Clear, beautiful skin is always in style. However, many individuals do not realize that they have the potential to develop a variety of cosmetic concerns as they go through life. Once you have grown past the age of acne, there are a number of other issues that can affect the overall appearance of your skin. No matter what you are experiencing, our cosmetic dermatologist is here to assist you. While we are unable to guarantee results, we take the time to understand your condition and make recommendations for treatment.

Wrinkles are a natural part of aging that most individuals experience. While they are a common sign of the passing years, wrinkles and fine lines have the potential to create feelings of stress and insecurity. Instead of layering on makeup and ineffective over-the-counter remedies, there is a better option available for you.

Cosmetic Dermatology Services in Pasadena, CA

While each of us ages in different ways, we will all develop wrinkled skin at some point during our elderly years, if not earlier. Fortunately, our dermatologists provide comprehensive wrinkle removal treatments that are designed to aid in the reversal of the effects of aging that have occurred to your skin. These treatments will enable you to look and feel more comfortable with your physical appearance at any age.

Were you involved in an accident or another painful situation? Having a scar serves as an unpleasant reminder of physical damage that has occurred as the result of an accident. Scars can also develop due to severe rashes and other physical conditions. While they always remain a source of embarrassment, many people will eventually accept their scars as a permanent part of their bodies after the initial wounds have finally healed. However, you don't have to accept yours as final when you choose our dermatologists to provide scar removal treatment.

At our office, we restore the condition of your skin to the state it was in before any damage occurred to it, which gives you the opportunity to start over without feeling ashamed or having to hide your body. Whether your scar was caused by a fall, cystic acne, or as the result of surgery, we work with you to complete your scar removal.

Starting over with a fresh set of skin may not seem like an option for you, but our cosmetic dermatologist is proud to offer this solution for your skin concerns. Whether you are looking to reduce wrinkles, acne scars, blotchiness, or age spots, choosing CO 2 skin resurfacing can help you use the power of science to restore your skin. This treatment features a carbon dioxide laser to remove skin layers through vaporization. As an alternative to processes that use chemicals or sanding, this procedure features a variety of options for "focused" or "defocused" treatment depending on the extent of damage that has occurred to your skin. Our cosmetic dermatologist is happy to speak with you about each of your options so that you can make the right choice for treatment.

Cosmetic Treatments Promote Healthy Skin

While most skin conditions are purely cosmetic in nature, others pose a health risk if they are left untreated. At our practice, our cosmetic dermatologist is available to take on a variety of different services to keep you healthy.

Warts can develop on a number of parts of the body and create an unattractive appearance that stands out for the wrong reasons. These issues originate from a wide range of viral infections and are able to be treated by a broad variety of solutions. We offer wart removal treatments that are designed to protect your skin from the risk for discomfort if your wart somehow doesn't disappear on its own over a period of time.

The development of varicose veins and spider veins in your legs may not only be unsightly, but may also lead to a painful sensation that causes you great discomfort. If you are living with varicose or spider veins, turn to our cosmetic dermatologist for treatment. We offer personalized procedures for spider vein removal that utilize a sclerosing agent to irritate and corrode the vessel walls of your legs, making the veins shrink and disappear.

Are you dealing with problematic veins that have developed over time? You do not need to live with this pain and discomfort. Our practice features leg vein therapy that is designed to treat these issues. After diagnosing the symptoms that have caused these veins to develop, our cosmetic dermatologist will determine the proper approach for minimizing the vessels that not only cause unsightly marks, but also have the potential to lead to extensive physical discomfort.

Contact our staff when you're in need of a cosmetic dermatologist. We serve patients in Pasadena, Glendale, Los Angeles, Monrovia, and Arcadia, California, and the surrounding areas.