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Psoriasis Treatment in Pasadena, CA

Living with the skin condition psoriasis can be frustrating, uncomfortable, and embarrassing for anyone who has to deal with the itchy, inflamed, and scaly skin caused by the disorder. There are a variety of different types of the condition, and some individuals may suffer from more than one type.

Occasionally, some patients even begin with having one type and later develop a different type of psoriasis. Treatment in Pasadena, CA, is provided by our cosmetic dermatologists at Comprehensive Dermatology Center of Pasadena. With more than 15 years of valuable experience working with patients who have developed every type of psoriasis, our doctors focus on treating the main problem area while simultaneously preserving the areas of skin that have not been affected.

Visit Our Psoriasis Doctor to Receive a Complete Diagnosis

Whether you suffer from plaque or psoriasis vulgaris (the most common types, affecting about 80 percent of psoriasis patients), guttate psoriasis, inverse psoriasis, pustular psoriasis, erythrodermic psoriasis, or palmoplantar psoriasis, be sure to visit our psoriasis doctor at your earliest convenience to receive the treatment you need. If you are unsure whether you have the disorder but have experienced itching, joint pain or arthritis, change in your nails, severe dandruff, or genital lesions, then it is in your best interest to visit us for a comprehensive diagnosis.

Our Psoriasis Dermatologist Provides a Variety of Treatment Options

Depending on the type(s) of psoriasis diagnosed, we provide a wide variety of solutions for treatment from our psoriasis dermatologist. While each treatment has its own advantages and side effects, we will determine the most suitable option for your specific case and lifestyle choices. We offer both topical and oral medications for treating psoriasis, and we can discuss in detail what treatments or medications will work for you. 

Patient with Treated Skin in Pasadena, CA

Reach Out to Our Doctors for Proven Eczema Treatment

Like psoriasis, eczema is also a skin condition that causes patients to have dry and itchy skin, which leads to swelling, rashes, and redness. With many forms of the condition in existence, there are two primary divisions: eczematous dermatitis and endogenous eczema. While eczema is not contagious, it is considered to be a product of both environmental and hereditary factors, and it may last for great periods of time in the event that proper eczema treatment is not received.

Reduce the Risk of Inflammation or Swelling with Our Eczema Doctor

With a wide range of types of eczema occurring in a broad variety of people, from babies to adults, common types of the condition are located on the hands and feet, legs, and neck area, but can develop anywhere on the body. Since scratching the area can potentially cause symptoms to worsen and increase the risk for inflammation and swelling, it's important for you to reach out to our eczema doctor as quickly as possible if you suspect that you need treatment.

Receive the Solutions You Need from Our Eczema Dermatologist

The goal of our eczema dermatologist is to relieve and prevent itching in patients who suffer from the skin disorder. We provide several options for treatment, including steroidal creams and lotions, as well as antibiotics for secondary bacterial infections. Our doctors also provide the following solutions for our eczema patients:

  • Immunomodulators
  • Phototherapy
  • Tar Treatments
  • Antihistamines

Contact us when you're in need of psoriasis treatment. We serve patients in Pasadena, Glendale, Los Angeles, Monrovia, and Arcadia, California, and the surrounding areas.